Questions for Entrepreneurs and Business Builders

Questions #1: Do you use Aweber, Constant Contact or MailChimp (or some other autoresponder)? Ever buy traffic to your sites? What about Zoom or another video meeting app? Ever use a URL Shortener like Bitly? How about SendBlaster or some other mass email sender?  Or maybe an automated SEO tool? A funnel builder? Purchased and forwarded domain names? (and there’s more but you get the idea)  
How cool would it be to have all of these types of tools in “state of the art” form, all on one platform, and all for one monthly fee, that is comparable or less than what you are currently spending?  Now you understand the PREMISE of OnPassive!

Question #2: How would it change your bottom line if you were getting paid just a little piece of what millions of entrepreneurs are spending on these kinds of products every month (month in and month out)?  Now you understand the POWER of OnPassive.

Question #3: How many companies have you seen quickly launch to the world, only to disappear in a relatively short period of time, because their focus was on the “big money launch” phase itself?  
Some may have questioned the length of time from inception to launch for OnPassive.  Considering the magnitude of this undertaking, I am impressed by how quickly this company has reached its current phase.
Thanks to the vision, passion, and brilliance of our CEO Ash Mufareh, OnPassive is being meticulously built to be an industry leader (and still paying its members) for many many years to come.  
Now maybe you are beginning to see why we are already a global phenomenon, with over 116,000 founders in over 200 countries who have caught the vision.
OnPassive WILL soon launch to the world, but there is still time to lock in a Founders position.  
JOIN US TODAY and get ready for the ride of a lifetime! … 

Onpassive – “in it to win it”


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